Lemon & Paeroa, more commonly known as "L&P" is New Zealand's favouite soft drink. L&P is an iconic part of kiwiana, and like many Kiwi items, it is world famous... in New Zealand.

79757876_1173149029546627_1594063144676753408_n 1940s Grey and Menzies L&P Ad

Analysis in 1904 of a mineral spring near the small town of Paeroa revealed high levels of magnesium bicarbonate. Lemon & Paeora was then created in 1907, from a combination of lemon juice and naturally carbonated mineral water from the spring.

Although it is now owned and manufactured by Coca-Cola, the proud memories of those days and L&P’s creation are kept alive in Paeroa by the giant, 7 metre tall L&P bottle standing in Ohinemura Park. Plus it makes for a great picture!

2019 L&P Bottle. Image Credit: Coca-Cola Amatil

Be sure to grab a bottle while you're in New Zealand! Kiwi's love the stuff so much we even made a chocolate flavour out of it!

L&P Whittakers Chocolate. Image Credit: Whittakers New Zealand