More and more airlines are charging just to use the overhead bin, two can play that game. Tripped Travel Gear has you covereed, helping you pack more into less space with their compression packing cubes.

Throwing a bag into the back seat of your car for a weekend away? These cubes can help. Whether you're rolling a suitcase or rocking a backpack, Tripped Travel Gear have perfectly designed a 2, 3 and 6 piece set of compression packing cubes to fit snugly into you bag.

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Save space by compressing the air out of them. Using a double zipper system these cubes help eliminate the wasted space.

Stay organised by seperating you outfits, dirty laundry items and shoes. These cubes offer the flexibility of holding your belongings seperate. Especially heavy clothing items such as raincoats amd heavier jackets that are not used as often but are there just incase.


The cubes are made of an ultra lightweight and durable polyurethane fabric making them tougher than your standard packing cubes. Additionally, polyurethane fabric is water resistant to help keep moisture out of your clothes wherever they’re packed.

These packing cubes are perfect for maximising space in your carry on or checked in luggage. Pefect for sharing a suitcase with your parter or the family whilst keeping your belongings speerate. Share a suitcase and save yourself some travel money!

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