“Rotorua Canopy Tours took nearly 5 years from the spark of inspiration until the first customers came on one of our treetop canopy tours with us.”

In 2008, Rotorua Canopy Tours began with a vision to create a "visitor experience that was so removed from the real world that it would become the most premium and sought after experience in the whole of New Zealand."


Offering an experience full of adventure, education, conservation, beauty and people, to create an experience like no other.

After 11 years, Rotorua Canopy Tours can claim to have ticked all the boxes, win every award, delighted 10,000’s of people, and even restore a forest.

From them, it was never about the ziplines, it was about a mind blowing beauty of the isolated forest environment.

A lifechanging experience with nature that would thrill and inspire all customers. The forest provides a surreal setting, with the ziplines and swing bridges simply offering a way to take it in.

In 2013 Rotorua Canopy Tours decided to restore the forest. Spending over half a million dollars, removing every rat and possum that was destroying the forest environment.

Catching thousands of pests, the native birds began to return and the trees recovered. The ancient forest came back to life and the ecosystem thrived once again.

The forrest in 2012 before we prior to the conservation project

Image credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours

The forrest in 2018

Image credit: Rotorua Canopy Tours

Tourism was restoring nature. Today, the business continues to provide outstanding experiences every day, so go and be part of their story, create your own memories and judge it all for yourself.

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