Award winning decadence by… Giapo


In the city, near to Auckland’s harbour, you’ll find a queue of people patiently waiting to enter Giapo. Some will know what to expect, others not. And oh what a treat they are in for. Simply the best ice cream in New Zealand. Artistic, elegant, experimental. Do not miss it!

Giapo are well-known for breaking the bounds of conventional ice-cream whether that be swapping the traditional waffle cone out for a funky parāoa - Māori fried bread - or re-inventing rich flavours which go beyond ordinary palate ventures. With there newest creation, it may seem like they've returned to a classic cone but it'd never be a true Giapo piece, without an insanely unconventional twist.

The King of Cones (Left) & The Selfie Cone (Right)

The newest creation "King of Cones" is truly the royalty of all cones. This colossal creation is a tower of puff pastry, measuring over 60cm tall. The cone is baked in the oven and shaped in a carefully customised mould, before being filled with layers of whipped cream, chocolate and hazelnut spread and coated almonds. The soft serve of Christchurch hazelnut and chocolate is gently swirled on top, with a generous dollop dark chocolate and truffled almonds.

"King of Cones" is consistent with our ambition to change and reinvent how people experience ice-cream: one that explores the bounds of ice-cream and gastronomy itself. Litterally there "biggest" creation yet is definitely one to see and experience for yourself and a few more hungry companions!

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