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The Great Kiwi Beer Festival Hamilton

Big things are brewing in the mighty Waikato! Be sure to check it out!

Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival

Get ready for two weeks of arts and culture in an enchanting setting at the Hamilton Gardens!

Sleep Like a Hobbit at Underhill

Well worth the journey there and back again, immerse yourself in this perfect LOTR accommodation.

Grown Wild & Romantic

After three years of development this November sees the opening of a the Hamilton Gardens new Picturesque themed project.

World Famous in NZ

Its sweet as!

Otorohanga Kiwi & Native Bird House

Conserving kiwi and other unique NZ natives since 1971!

Exceptional Water

Some of the purest water on earth can be found at

Hamilton Gardens

Explore an enchanting world of secret gardens at Waikato's most visited tourist destination....

Waitomo & Hamilton

Discover Waitomo’s eerie subterranean world of caverns and grottoes, then emerge to explore craggy coastlines, peaceful pastures and gorgeous gardens. Waitomo’s famous limestone cave system was formed by millions of years of land movement, rain, and river erosion, resulting in a dazzling display of nature’s artwork. Throughout
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