Start your day in one of the most extraordinary places on earth, sailing on the very first cruise of the day in Milford Sound with Real Journeys.

The 8.45am cruise features spacious decks, relaxing lounges and a full buffet breakfast on board the boat, so you can enjoy incredible views while you satisfy your appetite.

Milford-Sound-morning-cruise Image credit: Real Journeys

Sailing at this quieter part of the day offers you a greater chance to spot the locals: New Zealand fur seals and, if you are particularly lucky, Fiordland penguins or even bottlenose dolphins riding the bow waves.

For those who struggle to find their sea legs, calm waters are likely to greet you early in the morning, as Milford Sound creates its own wind when it heats up, so afternoons tend to be more unsettled on warmer days.

The two-hour cruise returns you to shore by 11am, leaving you plenty of time to fit in more sightseeing and nature spotting over a long Fiordland summer day, where the sun doesn’t set before 9pm.

Fur-Seals-in-Milford-Sound Image credit: Real Journeys

You can choose to stay the night in Milford Sound or leave Te Anau early to enjoy the drive along the beautiful Milford Road, taking in the sunrise along the way. Leaving early also means you’ll find hardly any other vehicles on the road and plenty of space at all the key photo spots.

Or, grab a scenic flight connection between Queenstown and Milford Sound - the ultimate way to experience the drama and vastness of New Zealand’s dramatic alpine scenery in good weather.

Real Journeys first cruise of the day in Milford Sound is only available between October and April - so don’t miss out!

Milford-Sound-early-morning Image credit: Real Journeys