Inspired by the legendary New York speakeasy Milk & Honey, which opened in 1999, Deadshot and The Caretaker offer you a unique drinking expereience.

There are no menus, instead, wait staff will sit down with you and ask questions about your drinking preferences. From there, the bartenders will craft you a customised drink.

Decorated in a vintage New York speakeasy style, the dimmed lights and brown leather couches transport you back to the era of classic cocktails.

Their vision is to create a true speakeasy bar focused on classic cocktails, some of which date back into the 1800s. You won’t find any recent cocktail inventions being served in these establishments, for example; you won't be able to get an espresso martini. Instead, the bar staff will create a classic with twist.

You never know, you might discover a new favourite!

caretaker-speakeasy-cocktail-bar-auckland-new-zealand-AUCKLAND1118 The Caretaker, Auckland CBD