Arrival Gurus make it as easy as possible for you to have the 'best vacation ever, we have made things pretty simple.

Arrival Guru is a marketplace that allows you to connect with local Gurus who can provide personal guidance and recommendations to enhance your holiday. Gurus open the door to new experiences, ones that quite often only locals know.

Types of Guru

Gurus are committed to customising your experience as much as possible before your time with them according to your wishes so that you get the most out of your visit. Differing from a tour guide, where everyone is treated the same, we actually offer you the opportunity to enjoy the wisdom and guidance of a true local Guru!


Arrival Guru allows you to easily book a 100% private session with a local Guru in a public place as Gurus don't travel with you. Enjoy a personalised guidance to fully unlock your trip's potential.

Gurus provide advice and recommendations at a flat rate per hour and the opportunity to completely tailor the information just for you.

Types of Guru 6

What could be better than to allow yourself to be informed by a dedicated and motivated local who is truly knowledgeable about the city in which they live?

Our local Gurus will help you discover not only the iconic spots but also some hidden gems uncovered during their personal experiences that they will be happy to share with you!

Types of Guru 4

Arrival Guru is part of the People Media Group (PMG) of companies. PMG have been involved in welcoming visitors for close to 20 years. We know tourism and we love tourists

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