New Zealand is full of scenery and culture, how better to remember your time in our wonderful country by picking up one of these uniquely kiwi items!

There are some great things to take away from New Zealand. From chocolate and honey to Pounamu and gumboots, there are so many significant parts of our culture that can be brought home with you!

1. Gumboots

Gumboots, also known as Wellington Boots, are an iconic part of Kiwiana. There are so many ways to make use of these glorious things, you will truly find unlimited uses for them! You really can't go wrong with a pair!

Keep an eye out for Red Band gumboots, they've been tested and proven for over 60 years. They even have a quality and reliability guarantee on all their products. Pick up a set of gummies at a local hardware store!

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2. Whittaker’s Chocolate

Whittaker's are known for their innovative and creative flavours, even making chocolate based on iconic kiwi ice cream and soft drink flavours. They collaborate with a range of other New Zealand brands and operate under the Fair Trade Act, something there purple competitors don’t do!

Whittaker's offer an extensive range of chocolate, including an indulgent specialty block range, so be sure to get yourself some to take home!

Whittakers-Slab-Bar Image credit: Lollies NZ

3. Sanitarium Marmite

New Zealand Marmite is similar to its British counterpart, but not quite the same. They're both made from the same yeast extract, but by separate companies. We think our own one is much better though! Make sure you try the New Zealand version and grab yourself a few jars to take home from the supermarket.

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4. Tomato Sauce Bottle

New Zealanders are just a bit obsessed with tomato sauce! Whilst you're here, grab a classic 'themed' Tomato Sauce Bottle. They're really cheap and pretty easy to find. Be sure to get yourself a bottle of NZ's finest, Watties Tomato Sauce to fill it up!

Image credit: Mighty Ape

5. Jandals

Commonly known throughout the world as flip-flops or thongs, the name Jandals was given to the rubber footwear by combining the words Japanese and sandal. Great to wear in summer, especially to the beach. Or, if you're a kiwi, great to wear pretty much anywhere...

The use of the word Jandal has come under fire lately. The original creator has threatened legal action against New Zealand in the past to protect the ‘Jandal’ trademark, often asking New Zealand businesses to stop advertising there own rubber footwear products as 'Jandals'.

Besides the controversy, jandals are a part of our culture, so be sure to grab yourself a pair whilst you're here!

Image credit: Shutterstock

6. Swanndri

Yet another item that has kiwi written all over it. Swanndri woollen jackets have been keeping New Zealand farmers warm and dry since 1913, and are still going strong. The red and black checks have featured on NZ postage stamps and even credit cards in the past. They are treasured by Kiwi's, representing so many parts of our past and present!

Taking a Swanny home will make you feel as if you never left New Zealand. Head to Swanndri to find out more.

Image credit: Swanndri

7. Pineapple Lumps

The list of sweets to take home is pretty damn long, so here's our favourite pick! You seriously can't go wrong with a bag of Pineapple Lumps. A chewy pineapple-flavoured centre coated in chocolate is simply unbeatable. For an especially kiwi experience throw them in the freezer first.

Make sure you get the real deal, keep your eyes for Pascal Pineapple
Lumps, an item right at the centre of Kiwiana.

pascall-sweets-pineapple-lumps Image credit: Mighty Ape

8. L&P

Lemon & Paeroa, more commonly known as "L&P" is New Zealand's favourite soft drink and an iconic part of our country. It was created in 1907 from a combination of lemon juice and naturally carbonated mineral water in the town of Paeroa.

Now owned and manufactured by Coca-Cola, the proud memories of L&P’s creation are kept alive throughout the country, including a 7-metre tall L&P bottle standing in Ohinemura Park, Paeroa. Easily available from the supermarket, gas station or dairy (corner shop).

Image credit: Mighty Ape

9. All Blacks Jersey

The pride and joy of the nation, the almighty All Blacks. Loved and hated around the globe, it's hard not to appreciate them. They've been rocking their iconic black colours since 1903 and are one of the things most commonly associated with New Zealand.

With 8 stores across the country, Champions of the World can hook you up with the latest official All Blacks and New Zealand Rugby merchandise.

Image credit: NZ Herald

10. Wooden Buzzy Bee

Buzzy Bee is an absolute classic New Zealand icon. Buzzy Bee is a wooden pull along toy that clicks as it is moved. Often identified with Kiwi's childhoods, the character Buzzy Bee has hardly changed since its creation over 50 years ago.

They even have a royal connection, when the infant Prince William played with one during the 1983 Royal Tour to New Zealand.

Genuine Buzzy Bee toys are built to last, representing the traditional values of what being a New Zealander is all about. It has become a symbolic icon throughout the country, even featuring on a collection of NZ Post stamps. Buzzy Bee's are easy to find at all good gift shops.

Wooden-Buzzy-Bee Image credit: The Warehouse

11. Ice Breaker Merino

Icebreaker is an outdoor clothing brand specialising in merino wool. The brand originated in Wellington, but quickly outgrew New Zealand and has become a massive hit worldwide.

They offer a range of clothing for men and women including tops, pants, leggings, underwear, and activewear. The high-quality merino wool allows the garments to be lightweight, breathable, odour resistant, and of course, warm.

Image credit: Sport Conrad

12. Pounamu (Jade)

Pounamu is the result of the chemical reaction between volcanic and sedimentary rocks deep in the earth. As the Southern Alps were formed, Pounamu was lifted to the earth’s surface. It's geographical origin, appearance, and design have a large spiritual significance to Maori for summoning strength, protection, growth, and to express love.

Pounamu has a long tradition of being gifted, where it's suggested that purchasing jade for yourself violates tradition and is said to bring bad luck. That said, many within the industry believe individuals should make their own decision on the beliefs around gifting, and the Tapu (sacred) nature of Pounamu, especially if they feel a particularly strong connection to a piece.

For the best selection of Pounamu, check out Mountain Jade.

Mountain-Jade-Pounamu Image credit: Mountain Jade

13. Mānuka Honey

Arguably the greatest honey money can buy, Mānuka honey is native to New Zealand and of the utmost quality. It has numerous health benefits and tastes pretty damn good. It's made throughout the country and is available from your local supermarket.

The industry is even currently pursuing a trademark and geographical indication to protect Manuka as a uniquely New Zealand product.

Image creedit: TVNZ

14. Pāua Shell

Paua are native to New Zealand and are apart of the abalone family. Found in the cold, blue, coastal waters around the country, they range in size from 70-140mm wide.

Polished Paua shells are the most colourful and vibrant of all the abalone shells as the reflective inside of the shells changes colour with different viewing angles. Paua shell is commonly used in New Zealand jewellery and was traditionally used by Maori in carving and artwork. Available at all good gift shops and jewellers.

Image credit: Shutterstock

15. Sheepskin Rug

Although you can buy sheepskin rugs most places in the world, New Zealand wool's usability and durability is consistently higher than anywhere else in the world. No harsh chemicals or unnatural colourings are used to treat New Zealand wool. They are completely natural and should last you a lifetime.

Image credit: Shutterstock

16. Kauri Chopping Board

Naturally occurring throughout northern New Zealand, Kauri is considered a first-rate timber. Known for its versatility and long length, Kauri offers craftsmen a relatively light and strong timber with a stunning appearance.

More modern uses of Kauri have been inspired by its stunning varnished or oiled finish. The wood darkens with age to a rich golden brown colour. A Kauri chopping board is sure to look fantastic on your bench no matter where you may be.

Kauri-Board Image credit: Luco Wood Co.

17. Scapegrace Black Gin

Not many people would associate New Zealand with gin, however, it turns out we aren't too bad at making it. New Zealand’s own Scapegrace Gold won Best London Dry Gin at the 2018 International Spirit Awards beating more than 600 other gins. Scapegrace have three gins in their range, including the newly added Scapegrace Black.

Grab yourself some New Zealand made tonic water from East Imperial to go along with the gin, and have a New Zealand inspired gin and tonic.

Image credit: Cocktail Collective

18. Kaitaia Fire

Named after the local town, Kaitaia Fire is made from locally grown chilli peppers and Capsicum frutescens which are ripened by the strong sun in the Far North. The ingredients are thrown in a barrel to age, where virtually all sugars in the fruit are removed, releasing the peppers' volatile oils.

If you're a fan of hot sauce, you will be a fan of Kaitaia Fire. Available at the supermarket, make sure you grab one to take home.

KaitaiaFire_ChilliPepper_1200X_Group6_1200x1200 Image credit: Chilli Bom

19. Wine and Craft Beer

New Zealand produces wine and craft beer particularly well. With over 150 craft beer breweries across New Zealand, we offer a wide range of unique beers, including international styles and original Kiwi creations. Keep an eye out at your local supermarket or liquor store.

As for wine, New Zealand Pinot Noir is hard to beat. Said to be one of the more challenging grapes to grow, it is the second most planted and picked grape in New Zealand. It is most successfully grown in the cooler southerly regions of the country. Be on the lookout for Central Otago Pinot Noir.

The second one to note is Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. The region is famous for its wine production, even putting New Zealand on the international wine map.

NZ-Beer-and-Wine Image credit: Altitude Tours

20. Kiwiana Prints

Last but certainly not least, if you find your suitcase a bit full, grab yourself a Kiwiana print. New Zealand's own Glenn Jones has a fantastic range of prints, paying homage to some of the most Kiwi items you'll ever see. From kiwifruits to beaches, and everything in between, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes. You can find his art at most good gift shops!

Check out Glenn Jones Art to find out more.

glenn-jones-art-art-print-a4-print-unframed-gumboot-graffiti-969264863_2000x Image credit: Glenn Jones Art