After being introduced in late 2019, international visitors to New Zealand are required to pay a fee known as the IVL (International Visitor Levy).

People entering the country will now need to pay a $35 (NZD). This will be paid at the same time as your NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) or visa.

So why was this levy introduced? Essentially, the money will go towards the maintenance and improvement of conservation and tourism infrastructure. Many environmental features, buildings, and landmarks across the country are damaged by the volume of tourists visiting them. Some have been over-visited and damaged so much, they are now closed off from tourist and locals.

Those who DON’T need to pay the levy:

  • New Zealand citizens and residents (including all resident visas), or people transiting New Zealand on a transit visa or transit NZeTA.
  • Australian citizens and permanent residents.
  • People from the Pacific Island.
  • Diplomatic, military, medical, and humanitarian visas.
  • People travelling to Antarctica under the Antarctic Treaty (including people travelling on the Antarctic Traveller Transit Visa).
  • Recognised Seasonal Employment workers
  • Business Visitor Visas (including APEC business travel cards).
  • Ship and airline crew.
  • Most visas for dependants (partners and children) of work and student visa holders.
  • Travellers whose visa or NZeTA requirements have been waived by Immigration New Zealand.

If you are not attached to one of the groups above, you will be required to pay the levy. For further information head to the New Zealand Government.