There are few better ways to experience Taupō's energy than soaking in it's warm healing geothermal waters or immersing yourself in steam clouds and the mesmerising sound of bubbling mud pools as you meander through otherworldly geothermal walkways.

Here are our local geothermal highlights:

Orakei Korako: the closest you will come to seeing the legendary lost Pink and White Terraces with its distinct candy-coloured hillside alive with active geysers, steaming terraces, gemstone coloured pools and New Zealand's only geothermal cave. Find out more about Orakei Korako


Otumuheke Stream at Spa Thermal Park: warm geothermal waters from Otumuheke Stream flow gently into the Waikato River, providing a free hot spot where bathers can relax in healing mineral water. Find out more about Otumuheke Stream

Taupō Debretts: unique thermal mineral hot pools with a thrilling dragon hydro slide & two amazing heated curved racing slides, children's interactive warm water playground, private pools and spa treatments. Find out more about Taupō Debretts Hot Springs


Craters of the Moon: geothermal walkway with well-formed pathways and elevated viewing platforms. You'll see interesting plants that have adapted to thrive in the hot steamy conditions. Find out more about Craters of the Moon Geothermal Walk