Whether you're in a rush or just looking for something both familiar and cheap, New Zealand has a wide variety of takeaways (takeout) to choose from. From well-known global franchises to local chains, you'll never be far from a quick meal. Check them out below.

McDonald's, 168 Locations Nationwide

Known locally as Maccas or McDs, you'll be able to find the famous Golden Arches all over New Zealand to find a familiar meal. All the classics like the Big Mac and McNuggets are available, as well as local items such as the Kiwi Burger and Georgie Pies.

For a particularly interesting visit McDonald's visit check out the one in Taupo, the "World's Coolest McDonald's", where you can dine in a Douglas DC3 airplane on the property!

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McDonalds Taupo
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KFC, 100 Locations Nationwide

Of course you'll find the Colonel around the country too, offering a wide variety of fried chicken. From the classic bucket, to burgers, wraps, and nuggets there's sure to be something for every chicken lover.

Look out for that class red and white colour combo or ask a local where the nearest K-Fry is.

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KFC Auckland
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Domino's, 94 Locations Nationwide

The largest pizza chain in New Zealand, Domino's is a popular choice among kiwis for takeaways. With a huge range of pizzas and toppings, including a 'New Yorker' range and vegetarian/vegan options this is a great option for just about everyone.

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Domino's Pepperoni Pizza
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Subway, 250 Locations Nationwide

If you're looking for something a little bit healthier, but no too much, you can always make your way to the nearest Subway for a tasty 6-inch or foot-long sub. Choose one of the menu and customise it to your heart's desire. We're quite partial to their cookies too, but of course they're not quite as healthy.

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Subway Te Anau
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Burgerfuel, 56 Locations Nationwide

This kiwi chain of gourmet burger restaurants has gone from humble beginnings to global expansion, now with locations in the USA, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia.

They make a great burger, focusing on fresh and wholesome ingredients, and offer healthier options such as swapping out the bun to be wrapped in crisp iceberg lettuce. Their fries are damn good too, and you can either get spud fries (potato) or kumara fries (NZ sweet potato).

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Burgerfuel Fries
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Hell Pizza, 76 Locations Nationwide

Another great kiwi chain, Hell Pizza makes fantastic pizzas with great ingredients. You'll often find a few interesting options available on their menu, such as around Easter time when they like to bring out their rabbit pizza.

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Hell Pizza
Image Credit: Hell Pizza

Pita Pit, 97 Locations Nationwide

Possibly the healthiest food option on the list, Pita Pit is all about using fresh, locally sourced ingredients to make great tasting wraps, salads, smoothies and more.

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Pita Pit
Image Credit: Pita Pit

St Pierre's Sushi, 58 Locations Nationwide

St Pierre's takes its name from the French version of St Peter, who just so happens to be the Patron Saint of Fisherman. A fitting name for the largest sushi chain in New Zealand.

Whether you're after maki rolls, nigiri, or chicken on rice, they've got you covered with great seafood and Japanese ingredients.

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St Pierre's Sushi
Image Credit: St Pierre's Sushi

Sal's Authentic New York Pizza, 33 Locations Nationwide

It's all in the name with Sal's really. If you're really hankering for one of those huge pizzas, made with genuine American ingredients, you won't find a better option.

You can't go wrong with a classic New York Pepperoni, a personal favourite.

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Sal's Pizza
Image Credit: Sal's Authentic New York Pizza

Wendy's, 23 Locations Nationwide

When you've got a jumbo sized burger craving you can't go wrong with one of Wendy's Baconators. But with plenty of other burgers and alternative options there's heaps to choose from.

They've even just come out with a karaage chicken range of products, endorsed by the real life Brigadier-General Sanders, watch out Colonel!

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Nandos, 29 Locations Nationwide

If you find yourself in the mood for a cheeky Nando's, worry not, as you'll be able to get your fix of Lemon & Herb or Peri Peri chicken here too. For those that aren't familiar with Nandos, they specialise in chargrilled chicken, which you can get as a 1/4, 1/2, or whole bird.

If you're a lover of spicy food then you'll be sure to enjoy taking their peri peri sauce to the max.

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Nandos Chicken
Image Credit: Nandos

Carl's Jr, 18 Locations Nationwide

With a focus on chargrilled burgers, there's a huge range of beef burgers to be found at Carl's Jr including the 'Big Angus' range, many of which take their names from locations in America, the company's original home.

Chicken and veggie lovers shouldn't feel left out, however, as there are plenty of burger options besides beef, and sides such as loaded fries.

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Carl's Jr Albany
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Burger Wisconsin, 26 Locations Nationwide

Operating for over two decades now, Burger Wisconsin is another awesome NZ owned and operated gourmet burger option. Focusing on the freshest and finest ingredients, their burgers are always a delight.

You can grab a refreshing local fizzy (soda) to wash down your meal too, including Karma Cola, Gingerella, and Lemmy Lemonade.

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Burger Wisconsin
Image Credit: Burger Wisconsin

Burger King, 83 Locations Nationwide

The 'Home of the Whopper' has a big presence here too of course, and you'll able to find the King in most larger towns and cities.

You can even try a new local delicacy, adopted from the English, in the form of the Chip Butty, a burger filled with sauce and fries!

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Burger King Papakura
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Tank, 104 Locations Nationwide

For those who are a bit more health conscious that aren't looking for a full meal, Tank Juice Bar is the perfect option. They make a huge range of juices and smoothies (both plant and protein based) using fresh ingredients.

If a juice or smoothie isn't quite enough to fill you up, be sure to try one of their vegan salads and wraps.

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Tank Juice Bar
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Pizza Hut, 29 Locations Nationwide

Another classic and familiar option for pizza you can always keep an eye out for the red roof or banner of Pizza Hut. Known for their stuffed crusts and deep pan pizzas, you can also now get your pizza on a San Francisco style sourdough base.

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Pizza Hut
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Mad Mex, 18 Locations Nationwide

If you're in the mood for something a bit different than the standard burgers, chips, and pizzas of the takeaways world Mad Mex is a good choice.

With all the classics, including burritos, quesadillas, and tacos, made fresh, Mad Mex strives to provide quick meals with a home-cooked quality made to your tastes.

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Mad Mex
Image Credit: Mad Mex

Jesters Pies, 14 Locations Nationwide

This franchise is all about the kiwi classic, the meat pie. All their pie fillings are developed by their very own chefs to ensure quality, and wrapped in a delightfully thin puff pastry.

With two new flavours every season there's always something new to try on the menu, but you'll never go wrong with steak & cheese or mince pie (ground beef and gravy).

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Jesters Pies
Image Credit: Jesters Pies

Other Options

Aside from the big chains above you'll be able to find heaps of other local takeaways just about wherever you are in New Zealand.

Fish & Chips and Chinese Takeaways can be found across the country, and if you're interested in trying out some of the best check out our article on the best fish and chips here.

If you're in a bigger town or city you can always head to the nearest shopping mall food court for a variety of options, often including many of the ones above.

Note: Store location numbers accurate as of 19/03/2020.