Carats Design Jewellery has a reputation for creating exquisite original pieces of handcrafted jewellery.

Carats directors Phil Grieve and Grant Bagnall’s skill is using traditional methods to produce something that is fresh and modern yet still classically elegant. ‘We take our inspiration from nature, from architecture, from life all around us to create our collections,’ says Grieve.

Many of Carat’s pieces are uniquely New Zealand designs. Examples of this include Carat’s Life Collection, which takes its inspiration from the unfurling native New Zealand fern frond, a symbol of life and growth, and the Kina Collection, a beautiful creation of nature that is unique to the shores of New Zealand, considered by Māori a rare delicacy.

Carats showroom is located in Auckland’s fashionable Vulcan Lane where customers can browse at leisure whilst watching the jewellers handcrafting their latest creations in the workshop.

Carats Design Jewellery
25 Vulcan Lane, Auckland C.B.D
Ph (09) 309-5145,