George Grbich

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Night Luge in Queenstown!

Make the most of the final evening light by taking on the Luge right up until 8pm!

Biggest, Longest, Tallest...

New Zealand holds a range of impressive geographical accomplishments. Check them out!

Ocean Lovers Unite

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour is coming to Nelson on May 2nd!

20 Kiwiana Items to Take Home

New Zealand is full of scenery and culture, how better to remember your time in our wonderful country by picking up one of these uniquely kiwi items!

Top North Island Road Trips

Planning on road tripping through the North Island? Check out these drives!

International Visitor Levy

International visitors are now required to pay a fee upon entry to New Zealand.

Hawke's Bay Must Do's!

World-class food and wine, spectacular architecture, and breathtaking landscape awaits you. Check out our list of must do's!

The Great Kiwi Beer Festival Hamilton

Big things are brewing in the mighty Waikato! Be sure to check it out!

Brothers Beer

Two mates envisaging a craft brewery in their home town, have now grown to 4 locations across Auckland.
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