SkyWalk and SkyJump

If standing atop of New Zealand’s highest building is not exciting enough, why not jump off it? When approaching Auckland’s Sky Tower you’ll hear the screams of people plunging at 85km per hour from the 328m landmark while attached to a safety wire. Those wanting a thrill but preferring to keep their feet on something solid can choose SkyWalk, a hands-free walk on the outside of the Sky Tower, 192 metres above the ground.


Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy

AJ Hackett, the crew that first brought bungy jumping to the world, operate a bungy jump from under the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Plunge 40 metres from the specially constructed ‘bungy pod’ and dunk into the waters of the Waitemata Harbour. AJ Hackett also offer Auckland Bridge Climb, a one and half hour guided adventure tour taking you to the very top of the bridge whilst continuously tethered to a safety rail.


Skydive Auckland

Experience the North Island’s highest tandem skydive, where you get to jump from a thrilling 20,000ft. Freefalling at a speed of 200+ km/hr, take in the spectacular and unique backdrop of both coasts of New Zealand. As soon as you’re down, you will want to do it all over again!


Spookers Theme Park

You’ll never know how fast your heart can beat until you’re being chased by a blood-drenched monster in a cornfield maze! Visit New Zealand’s one-and-only Haunted Attraction Theme Park for plenty of freaky thrills and screams – family-friendly packages or R16 options available.

Header image: Skyjump.