Few are fortunate enough to travel to Antarctica. Even fewer experience what it is like to live there. That's all about to change. Transport yourself to a world of ice and snow through the wonder of virtual reality, and explore a day in the life of Antarctic scientists as they research this mysterious continent at the Auckland Museum.

With 360-degree camera control and stunning 4K, high-resolution vision, you'll see first-hand the work that goes into understanding climate change, managing ecosystems, researching sustainability, and conserving wildlife.

The-Antarctica-Experience-1 Image credit: Auckland Museum

Explore Antarctica from a helicopter cockpit, and land on glaciers, discover the resident penguin colony, and view the spectacular Southern Lights in high definition.

Note: Not recommended for children 6 and under, people with certain medical conditions; glasses can be worn under the headset, but the focus cannot be adjusted. All children 14 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Running now until Sunday the 3rd of May. Tickets from $10. Check out the available times to book a session!

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