New Zealand may be small on the map, but we compensate for it in a unique way. Throughout the country, there are a variety of attractions, from hot pools and lakes to mountains and snow. However, New Zealand is also home to a range of 'famous' giant statues and sculptures!

These statues often reflect what the region is known for, many of which are self-proclaimed 'Capitals', or at other times just something uniquely Kiwi. Keep an eye out for these curiosities on your road trip, that said they're pretty hard to miss!

Giant L&P Bottle, Paeroa

One of the most important parts of Kiwiana, Paeroa's giant L&P Bottle is an iconic national item. Lemon & Paeroa, more commonly known as 'L&P' is New Zealand's favourite soft drink and like many Kiwiana items, it is "world famous... in New Zealand."

Standing 7 meters tall in Ohinemura Park, the bottle will celebrate it's 52nd birthday later this year! Plus it makes for a great picture. Be sure to grab a bottle while you're in New Zealand!

Giant L&P Bottle Image Credit: Shutterstock

Giant Gumboot, Taihape

Taihape, the Gumboot capital of the world, has a giant corrugated iron sculpture of a 'thrown gumboot'. Taihape holds 'Gumboot Day' on the first Saturday of March every year. One of the celebrations on the day is a gumboot throwing competition, which yes, is a sport in New Zealand.

Located on State Highway 1's entrance to Taihape, the gumboot is impossible to miss!

Taihape Gumboot Image Credit: Stuff NZ

Giant Carrot, Ohakune

Ohakune, the carrot town, sits at the foot of Mt. Ruapehu, just south of the Tongariro National Park. Standing 7.5 metres tall for the last 35 years, the Ohakune carrot is the biggest vegetable New Zealand, and at one point the world.

Better yet, each year the town plays host to a Carrot Festival around May-June!

Giant Carrot Image Credit: Tots of Teens

Giant Sheep, Ram & Sheepdog, Tirau

Not a statue per se, but still very notable giant landmarks are the Tirau sheep, ram, and sheepdog. A town of just 800 houses, its visitor centre (i-SITE) is inside the big dog! In addition to the sculptured buildings, there are corrugated iron statues and sculptures through the town including a cow with a shopping cart, a shepherd outside a church, and a praying mantis.

Corrugated Iron Sheep, Ram & Sheepdog Image Credit: NewsHub

Giant Sheep Shearer, Te Kūiti

Sheep shearers are admired as sporting heroes throughout the country, and Te Kūiti, the sheep shearing capital of the world, is home to one of the greatest to ever do it. So it's fitting that they have a 6 meter high statue of a sheep shearer on their main street!

Sir David Fagan, a Te Kūiti native, has won the Golden Shears 15 times, the NZ Open 6 times, the World Championship five times, and team World Championship six times.

Giant Sheep Shearer Image Credit: Curious Kiwi

Giant Paua, Riverton

Riverton's Pāua (Abalone) Shell stands 4 metre high on the main street into the township. The shell was originally put in place to draw attention to the local Pāua industry. Pāua is a delicious seafood but their unique shells are often used as decorations, and jewellery.

edf85ef47895497ce154e1f3a6867a4b Image credit: Pintrest

Giant Takahē, Te Anau

Once thought to be extinct, the native Takahē's numbers are estimated to be less than 200 living in the wild. Huge efforts have been taken to protect Takahē from predators and to emphasise their significance, and Te Anau has built a giant Takahē near the lakefront.

You also have the chance to see a real Takahē at the Te Anau bird park!

Giant_Takahe_statue Image Credit: Wikimedia

Giant Kiwifruit, Te Puke

Another famous New Zealand product, the kiwifruit. Any traveller heading through Te Puke, the kiwifruit capital of the world, should stop off at the giant kiwi360 slice! It's impossible to miss as its smack bang in the middle of town!

Giant Kiwifruit Image Credit: Tal Com

Giant Cow, Morrinsville

Standing 6.5 meters high and weighing 3500kg, the Morrinsville Mega Cow is only one of 45 cow statues scattered around this Waikato town. The main street of Morrinsville is littered with cows left, right, and centre. Although the other 44 are life-sized, they're all decorated in a range of styles representing our important dairy industry!

Giant Cow Morrinsville Image Credit: Stuff NZ

Giant Kiwis, Otorohanga

Otorohanga, also know as 'Kiwiana Town' is home to two giant kiwi statues, at the northern and southern entrances to the town. Otorohanga is a great place to stop on a road trip and visit the Kiwiana display highlighting the important aspects of kiwi culture.

Whilst you're there go and visit a real kiwi at the Otorohanga Kiwi House!

Otorohanga Kiwi Sculpture Image Credit: Otorohanga

Giant Doughnut, Springfield

In 2007 20th Century Fox gifted the town of Springfield a 'Homer Simpson Doughnut ' to help launch The Simpsons Movie in New Zealand. Ever since, the doughnut has been a huge part of the town.

After being damaged in 2009 the city temporarily replaced it with a tyre painted pink until a new one was built in 2012.

ad7705d303248b09e90727b0d1c1fa32-1Image credit: Pintrest

Giant Lobster, Kaikoura

The Lobster Inn in Kaikoura is home to the giant rock lobster (called crayfish in New Zealand). The six metre long sculpture is attached to the exterior of the building the sculpture. In 1998 the structure was even featured on a New Zealand post stamp celebrating town icons.

In support of the All Blacks 2019 Rugby World Cup campaign, the lobster was temporarily painted black with a white fern.

big-things-4-1 Image credit: Cooking with Kahu

Giant Bicycle, Taupō

The Great Lake is home to this 300kg, 3 metre high Giant Bike. It receives plenty of honks from road users as they drive past however, as the bike was put in place to raise awareness for cyclist road safety and to promote the famous 160km 'Round the Lake' Cycle Challenge.

Taupo-Giant-Cycle Image Credit: Cycling Action Network

Giant Trout, Gore

The famous trout statue celebrates the world-renowned brown trout fishing in the South Island town. Gore is often left as an unexplored region however, it has plenty to offer. Plenty of art, fishing and even whiskey are around in town.

1451174585087 Image Credit: Stuff NZ

Giant Bull, Bulls

Originally named 'Bull Town,' the rural community of Bulls rocks the slogan “a town like no udder” and has a sister city, Cowes, in England. The town of 1,630 takes its unique name so seriously that it has a giant wooden bull statue outside the local medical centre.

Giant Bull Image Credit: Flickr

Giant Cow & Calf, Te Poi

Yet another famous cow statue, this one can be found at the Te Poi Country Pub representing the farming settlement in the area. Just 10 minutes drive outside of Matamata, be on the lookout if you drive through!

Giant Cow & Calf Image Credit: Mapio

Giant Loaf of Bread, Manaia

Manaia is a small town but home to a thriving bakery industry. Self-proclaimed bread capital of New Zealand. The famous Yarrow family bakery operates 24/7 supplying bread and pastries to New Zealand, the USA, the Pacific, and South-East Asia.

Yarrow sponsors the the local rugby team's stadium, where they used to shoot loaves of bread into the crowd at half time, a modern day bread and circuses!

Giant Loaf of Bread Image Credit: Waymarking

Giant Fruit, Cromwell

This giant fruit sculpture is located on the outer rim of Cromwell. It pays homage to the importance of fruit-growing to the region. Central Otago offers an ideal climate for stone fruit, arguably growing some of the best in the world for flavour and quality.

32883069321_e1ca93ea74_b-1 Image Credit: Flickr

Giant Salmon, Rakaia

Rakaia is New Zealand's salmon capital and provides one of the main sources for the freshwater fish throughout the country. The salmon stands 12m tall and is around 50km from Christchurch.

full_The_salmon_statue-1 Image credit: The Spinoff

Giant Surfer, Colac Bay

A statue on the southern coast of the South Island representing a popular surfing spot just outside the Colac Bay Tavern. The sculpture is made of fibreglass, wood and steel and acts as a popular spot for visitors to the town.

1482869635990 Image Credit: Stuff NZ

Giant Apple, Waitomo

Even though Waitomo is more known for its famous glow worm caves, there's a perfect opportunity to stop off at another local landmark whilst you're there. The Big Apple Cafe provides a great place to have a bite to eat and is only 10 minutes drive from the caves so be sure to check it out!

Waitomo-Giant-Apple Image Credit: Stuff NZ

Giant Sandfly, Pukekura

Due to the combination of dense bush, heavy rainfall, and running streams, Pukekura has the perfect environment for sandflies. The sculpture is of a female sandfly and hangs above a café near Lake Ianthe.

5496036555_cf0e96e70e_b Image Credit: Flickr

Big Sausage, Tuatapere

The southern town of Tuatapere, also known as the sausage capital of New Zealand, is the home to a giant 3 metre long sausage. In 2015 the town of 528 won the monument as a result of a radio competition. The town has been thrilled ever since. Even Santa has ridden it in the local Christmas parade.

LKS23CN63VBCNKE25TDHTV7SWU Image Credit: NZ Herald